Come on out and strut your stuff.  Enter a scarecrow and promote your business/organization or yourself, all in one!
  • All judging will be done by a panel of community members.
  • Use your most creative imagination (please no sexuality or profanity).
  • Use a sign, banner or sash on your scarecrow to promote yourself, your business or organization.
  • All scarecrows must be able to be tied to the light poles on Portland Street.
  • Awards:  1st, 2nd & 3rd.
  • No Entry Fee!
  • Please attach a placard to the bottom of your scarecrow showing your business or individual name and your telephone number.

Complete your online application:
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Scarecrows short, scarecrows tall,
Scarecrows big, scarecrows small,
Scarecrows fat, scarecrows thin,
They all look great for the shape they’re in.
But their name’s misleading
I’ll have you know,
I’ve never known one
To scare off a crow.
In fact, the birds all seem to admire
These weird looking folks
In their autumn attire.
They pause in their flying
And land without harm
To rest for a moment
On scarecrow’s long arm
And admire the rag-mop
That serves as his hair,
Topped off by a straw hat
In need of repair.
So there’s one thing for certain
You all should know:
This guy should be known as
‘Can’t Scare A Crow’.
Poem by: Lawrence Earle